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Poppin' Molly, Gettin' Naked & Famous

It's just how we live our lives, what can we say? Haha, ok ok, it's not. We like staying in, cuddling kitty cats and watching The Office marathons. That's our idea of a good time. Throw in some cheese snacks and pajamas pants, and it's a party!

However, on Tuesday, November 13th, we will be at Billy Can Can in Victory Park right at 5PM to kick off Nerdy Drinker's El Silencio Naked & Famous Cocktail Tour with our good friend Brandon Turner, El Silencio brand ambassador extraordinaire.

Cool flyer they made, huh?

The tour consists of three other stops after Billy Can Can: Tiny Victories in Oak Cliff, Jettison at Sylvan Thirty, and Ruins in Deep Ellum. Each bar will offer their variations of the Mezcal Molly and Naked & Famous cocktails along with the usual specials they may offer.

For the event, we are creating macaron versions of the two featured cocktails! There will be limited quantities of the Mezcal Molly Macaron as well as the Naked & Famous Macaron at each stop for cocktail tourists to sample along with their boozy drinks. We're only making these mezcal confections for the cocktail tour, so if you're intrigued and want to try them, come find us at a stop because you won't able to try them otherwise!

Thank you for coming along on the SneakerBaby journey with us so far. Things are still very new, but so many pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, and we're really happy get into our groove and begin to be a part of Dallas events that fit our vibe.

Cocktails, macarons, and the company of friends. What can be better?

Talk soon, friends.


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