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The Power of SneakerBaby

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

SneakerBaby is fun to say, but most people can't tell where the name comes from. If you take a cursory look at our logo design, you'll see the words, "SneakerBaby Macarons" outlined in orange with an orange circle behind it. However, if you make it to the end of this blog post, you'll know that it's so much more, and then your mind will be like...*slow explosion sound*

Look! It's our signature SneakerBaby macaron, which is also the background of our logo!
Meet Josh's cat, Sneakers! She loves her Cheez-Its.

Josh and I agreed on one thing pretty quickly when we were brainstorming the company name - we were definitely not naming it after ourselves. For one, neither of us have obvious sweets- or dessert-related names (ugh, if only my parents had named me Sugar, it would've been SO obvious). For two, we aren't narcissistic enough to name it after ourselves just for the sake of doing it.

Then one day, I looked over at Sneakers, Josh's cat. Let me just say that I love Sneakers, and she's the one who converted me into a full-fledged cat lover. Thanks to her, I have two cats of my own at home, Pocket and Socks, and if someone had told me prior to meeting Sneakers that I would even tolerate a cat, I would've laughed at the thought.

So anyway, there we were, Sneakers and me, snuggling on the couch, when I called her one of her many nicknames - SneakerBaby, and I noticed how calling her that made me feel happy. It was happy to say, and Sneakers herself makes me feel happy, so I offered her nickname up as a potential company name. Let's name it after the cat! Perfect!

Josh's response: "You name it...after the cat..?"

Me: "Yeah! It's unique. It's fun to say. We have a good story behind it. We love Sneakers so it's easy to convey the happy vibes when we tell people about it, and it's authentic! It's genuine! That's it! That's the name. Plus, we want to do a savory Cheez-It flavored macaron, and it's Sneakers' favorite snack! OMG it's so obvious now. It's SneakerBaby!"

Well, it wasn't an easy sell for Josh, but it grew on him over the next few days and weeks until even he had to admit that he couldn't think of a better name for our business.

A few days later when I excitedly told Sneakers about our official filing of the business name, she woke up briefly from her sun nap, yawned, and blinked at me twice before curling back to sleep. Cool, she approves. Good enough for me.

When Josh and I worked with our logo designer, Delaney Smith, we made sure to distill Sneakers' story into it as much as we could, so that's why, instead of just a random name with an orange circle behind it, it's actually our beloved kitten cat Sneakers' nickname, with our signature SneakerBaby macaron behind it, which tastes like Cheez-Its, her favorite human snack.

And that's why I keep baking even though I have bad batches. It's why I keep baking even when I'm tired. I love baking. I love Sneakers. As long as I do what I love for the ones I love, I'll keep doing it.

Talk soon, friends.


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